September 15, 2013

Weekly goals (22/09-28/09):

  1. Fuel above 20k (using too much lately);
  2. Clear 3-3 and 4-3;
  3. Get Haruna!!!
  4. Sazanami, where are you???

Long-term goals:

  1. Level up Hibiki-chan to level 70 and get Bep-chan;
  2. Have all the resources above 50k;
  3. Have 2~3 fleets with average level 70+.

Weekly Update (18/09)

Just some comments about this last weekly update:

1) The submarines I-58 and I-168 can be obtained by drops in certain areas (even before 2-4?); It’s possible to construct them too.

GooyaI-58 (Gooya)

Based on the 2ch it’s confirmed that you can get both of them at 3-3. They also can be constructed by using the rare destroyer recipe: (Fuel-Ammo-Steel-Bauxite) 250-30-200-30 and its variations. I tried twice today but only got two Light Cruisers (Furutaka and Kiso)… orz

ImuyaI-168 (Imuya)

2) The fifth area is open, only for those who cleared 3-4 and 4-4.

3) It’s possible to use a Support Fleet in this new area. *Something along the lines of using more than one fleet to clear the area (only in 5-2 though).

At 2chan the overall reaction is that you can suffer a lot because of the compass in 5-1 but the level of difficulty is lower than 3-4. There is a gauge in 5-2 but the gauge doesn’t recover so it isn’t so hard when comparing to the maps of the event of august.

4) It’s possible to obtain Shoukaku, Zuikaku and two new more destroyers in this new area. The two new destroyers are Akigumo and Yuugumo:

AkigumoAkigumo: Kagerou-class 19th ship

YuugumoYuugumo: Yuugumo-class 1st ship

They aren’t obtained only from drops of the Boss battle but also from other points of these maps.

5) Hanging scroll to celebrate 800.000 users in Kancolle (furniture shop).

6) Bug fixed ~ Scrap of your flagship.

7) Heavy cruisers got better in the Night Attacks:

  • Some parameters were fixed
  • The accuracy increased
  • Tip: Relation with the 20.3cm twin cannon

8) Natori Kai‘s illustration got an nice “upgrade”.

NatoriNew one <> Old one

Some tips

Well, I guess it would be good to write a little about what I put on the Tips page. For now there are four sub-pages with the following topics:

  1. General Recipes
  2. New Recipes?
  3. Interesting Theories
  4. How to get Shimakaze

The first one is kind of obvious. I just out there three translated tables with lots of different recipes to get the daughters or some rare equipments. In a first moment you can win just by having a powerful ship like a Battleship but some time later it’ll be necessary to have certain weapons/radars/sonars to win some battles. The tables are like this:

Recipes1Rough translation

Then there are some guys trying to create new recipes mainly for Aircraft Carriers (there are six of them until now). The average probability of the most used recipes are 17% and this is surely not the best way to try to get them. They try to understand how the recipes work and with that they “create” a new recipe. There is one (301-31-502-400) that looks better than this one (low cost: 300-30-400-300) and that I’d love to test but not until I get Haruna and my fourth fleet.

There are also some theories out there still based on the concept of creating ships by certain recipes. In this case the recipe in study is the famous Batteship recipe 400-30-600-30. The graph below shows that for lower Headquarter Level (that one in the top of the game screen) you have more chances of getting Battleships then Heavy Cruisers and as your level increases your chances of getting Battleships just keeps decreasing.

HeadqterlvlWhat should I do now? (Level 41)

The luck still has a lot of importance but I guess it doesn’t hurt on trying to get Battleships as you’re in the start of the game, instead of fighting against the Lady Luck later (like myself).

36644092And of course there is Shimakaze. I suppose almost everyone wants her (just like myself) so it doesn’t hurt to write the most common ways of getting her. Just like any other daughter besides the first one you can get her by constructing her or by drops after the battles.

There are two recipes used to construct Shimakaze and the other rare destroyer (Yukikaze) + other rare ships like Abukuma, Onioko, Yubari or Kinugasa. The most used is the 250-30-200-30 but there is also another version: 270-30-330-30 (higher probability?). If it is 30 minutes you can be sure that is Shimakaze. If not, try one more time.

In my case I got her from a drop at the map 2-4. Keep winning in the battles at the first place in this map (2-4-1) will also contribute to get her. Even so, you can never forget that you have to be lucky to get all the daughters and this includes Shimakaze. Considering this I guess one of the few tactics you could use is to use one of the recipes above everyday while trying to get to 2-4 as fast as possible by relying on some Battleships/Aircraft Carriers. At the same time you can be so lucky to the point you get her in your first try using these recipes.

Kancolle Images – 15/09

Simple as that. I’ll just post some images I get from pixiv, twitter and other places. Let’s see if I can do it in a daily base. Just click them for full size.

38487833 Aircraft Carriers: Shoukaku>Hiryuu>Kaga>Akagi>Soryuu>Zuikaku Continue reading

Weekly Results (08/09/13-14/09/13)

AS for my first post let me present my strongest fleet and some of my favorite daughters besides some goals I achieved in this last week. First of all let me say that I got Shimakaze when training at 2-4-1 (first place in the 2-4 map). As you can see she is safe and sound with me =3

HomeportShimakaze prpr

I also managed to clear 2-4 which is the first “difficult” map in the game. One of the problems is the compass (you rarely get to the boss) and the other one is the appearence of the first Flagship Batteship in the enemy side. Plus other 3 Elite Battleships and maybe one Elite Aircraft Carrier/Light Cruiser. The Elite ships start appearing in 2-1. The Enemy Flagships start on 2-2? You can say that they have better status than your normal enemies so the battles get a little more difficult. By the way the fleet I used to clear 2-4 was this one:

FrotaMain Fleet

  1. Flagship: Kongou Kai (Battleship) – Lv51
  2. Mutsu Kai (Battleship) – Lv45
  3. Yamashiro Kai (Battleship) – Lv40
  4. Fusou Kai (Battelship) – Lv27
  5. Super Kitagami-sama Kai (Torpedo Cruiser) – Lv34
  6. Akagi Kai (Aircraft Carrier) – Lv36

As you can see if you have an fleet with average level of 30 you can manage it somehow. Of course this works if you have at least one or two Battleships/Aircraft Carriers in your fleet. The MVP of the battle was Yamashiro-chan:

kancolle_130913_100856_01After 2-4’s last battle

With this I could say my week was very good this time. I also cleared 3-1 and 4-1 (you can go to both after you clear 2-4) and I finally have the best spot for leveling up: 3-2-1. You can only clear 3-2 with a fleet of Destroyers so I can have some fun with my loli daughters this week. I’ll try to have some goals every week to force myself into playing more time after all this is getting more and more fun lately. My only problem would be that I still don’t have Haruna = Can’t use the 4th Fleet… I already got three Hieis, two Kirishimas and a Kongou but no Haruna yet… Where are you my dear and lovely Haruna?

HarunaaaaaaaKongou, Hiei, Kirishima: “Please come!”

Haruna: “I refuse”


I’m starting this blog just to write (in engrish) about anything I come across in my journey in Kancolle. I started playing at the start of august and since then I haven’t evolved so much as I’d like (busy irl), even so I try to read some japanese blogs and wikis that have new informations about it and when I saw I was completely addicted to it.

37673811Cute daughters are cute.

First of all, what is Kancolle? There are these two posts (Kotaku & Japanese vw) that may explain better what it is. In other words Kantai Collection (艦隊これくしょん), Kancolle (艦これ) for short, is a japanese online game where the warships are girls. There is a short video (from july) that shows the basic of Kancolle and you can also hear the cool battle BGM to boot:

Two months later and we already have 800000 users registered. A lot of people of the anime/manga/LN/VN industry are playing it too. Kancolle is a simple game and it doesn’t require you to be playing it like 3 hours in a row. You can do some quests in 20 minutes, then go do something else and then play for more time and so on. Of course, if you want to play 3 hours in a row you can do it but it’s not like the resources are infinite so…


One of the main reasons for its popularity is the girl above called Shimakaze (島風 or しまかぜ). There are also many others like Kongou (金剛~image below), Atago (愛宕), Tenryuu (天龍) or some destroyers like Inazuma (電) and Hibiki (響) that helped in the process of attracting some people to play it. I was surely one of them (mainly for Kongou and Shimakaze) and I can say that I’m very happy now.


I have already made some pages to help people finding good links to start playing it. The best one out there is probably this Kancolle Wiki. If you already have some confidence in japanese you can try to use some infos in the image below (from 4chan) to solve the problem of japanese IPs (yup, they don’t accept foreigners there). I guess I also could help a little if someone has some doubts on how to get into Kancolle.


Anyway, there is a How to Play page where there are links to some tutorials that may help new admirals and a Tips page where I’ll put some images or data that can help a lot (like constructing certain ships). Maybe I’ll some a Events page in the future if I have enough firepower to clear all the maps.

That’s it. Welcome~